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Nourishing and antioxidant serum for shiny hydrated skin. Enriched with herbs and natural shiny minerals.


Tip: Apply a small amount of serum on face and neck before moisturising cream or sunscreen.

Enjoy the discreet natural glow it leaves on your face


Tip 2: Use the paper bag as a cosmetic bag!


Shiny Serum


canvas bag laouta

  • Vitamin C and Sea buckthorn: The perfect combination for antioxidant action and glowing skin.

    Powerful nourishing and regenerating oil mixture: Oatmeal, Abyssinian oil and Helichrysum flower extract are a mixture of oils that deeply nourish the skin, improving its appearance.

    Bio marine collagen: the purest and most effective for rejuvenating skin collagen.

    Vit D + E + F: They regenerate, nourish and deeply restore the skin

    Squalane: The ultimate ingredient which helps all the nutrients and vitamins of this rich serum to penetrate deep into the skin.

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