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Light coverage and natural glow SPF 30

An exceptionally light weight and absorbing face sunscreen with soothing and moisturizing properties. Provides a light coverage and a natural glow on the face.It contains ectoin clinically proven that protects the skin from air pollution, IR and blue light radiation.To place the sunlite correctly and to be able to enjoy the oil free formula you may:Install an amount equal to one pea and not more, on dry skin, so that there is no difficulty in absorption!
If before the sunscreen, you wear moisturizer it should be well dried so that the "sun-lite" can be properly absorbed throughout the skin and there is no excess of product.
Sun lite has herbal extracts and vitamins that make them beneficial for the skin, therefore they can be worn on their own without necessarily using another product.Eco Bottle certified "I am Green"50 ml "No Packaging tricks"Certified Vegan | GMO Free | Cruelty Free

Sun-lite pearly color | Face Sunscreen - Oil Free


canvas bag laouta

  • Ectoin: clinically proven to protect the skin from pollution, infrared and blue radiation.

    Squalane: The ultimate ingredient with regenerative and anti-aging properties.

    Prickly pear: Due to its high content of vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium, prickly pear protects the skin and fights free radicals, offering radiant healthy skin.

    Aloe and Panthenol: An amazing blend of anti-inflammatory and regenerative action.

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